About Multilateral Group

Multilateral is an international organisation transformation group, comprising an ecosystem of complimentary service and solution capabilities, that systematically help enterprise, start-ups, and decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) complete a staged, well-considered and comprehensive transition to the digital economy; beginning with our strategic review service Wayfinder.  

Drawing on decades of experience in innovation thinking, product development and strategic execution across multiple domains, including Blockchain and cooperative design; our core design and consulting team are transforming the future of sustainable, exemplar organisations through the provision of strategic advisory services, operational solutions and capital from a whole-of-organisation perspective, factoring in multiple stakeholders.

Multilateral operates on a global scale, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Europe.

Areas we work in

  • Digital organisation formation / transformation
  • Assurance, insurance, risk management
  • De/centralised operational software
  • Onboarding new talent, future of work
  • Co-innovation ventures — Sandboxes, SEZs
  • Digital asset issuance, listings, revenue streams
  • New licence and certificate categories
  • Non-financial/sustainability reporting
  • Metaverse, corporate digital currencies
  • Continuous improvement, impact metrics
  • Global standards, compliance integration


  • Launching global digital asset exchanges
  • Launching Cooperatives within Australia
  • Actively contributing expertise to DAOs
  • Experiential event management
  • Government procurement
  • Start ups taken to market
  • Domain expert facilitation
  • Corporate governance 
  • Product development
  • Compliance systems

Core Team

Grant Lenaarts and William Saunders founded Multilateral Group in late 2017, with Andrew Walton joining in late 2019 and Duncan Kinnaird, who had previously formed cooperatives with Andrew, joining in 2020 to round out the core group.

Over that time, we've developed and tested a comprehensive view of the services and solutions needed for organisations to successfully transition from their current state to the digital economy.

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